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Welcome to the Murley Solutions website

Murley Electrical is a multi-disciplinary electrical contracting business with particular expertise in retail lighting and Intelligent Domestic Systems.

Murley Solutions has been supplying technically advanced solutions to the commercial and domestic market in Essex and the south east of England since 1991.

One of our key specialisms is lighting and we have an in-house design capability that allows us to show virtual reality renderings of planned installations where the end effect is critical and the investment justifies the additional planning work involved.

Lighting plays a large part in our domestic installation work where we specialise in larger installations and what we would call Intelligent Domestic Systems or IDS.

Expertise we bring to the domestic market is informed and supported and by the the larger scale commercial and industrial contracts that we undertake.

Beautiful User Experience

To provide the largest range of retractive switching options including rocker, toggle, bell push and multi-button plates. All can be personalized and engraved too.

Latest in ‘Smart Access’

We provide remote access via intelligent iPad/iPhone app. The iTronixTM app has been developed to control lighting from your phone, or smart device allowing users to change levels, set timed events, turn lights on at dusk, or open the gates automatically - for example: as you approach the house.

Technology Meets Design

projects deliver a ‘front end’ design aesthetic to match high- end luxury interiors schemes including the largest range of finishes and designs.

Design Service

Our in-house pre-sales design service is there to help our customers plan and configure a wide range of lighting setting from simple rooms to large multi-room projects.

LED Compatibility

Systems are compatible with lighting controls that work consistently with dimming LED lights, and produce no ‘flicker’.

Reduce the Cost

British made, Tronix, supplied by Murley Solutions, is a lower cost option that combines intelligent control with design. Highly configurable to end user needs, Tronix is designed and built to drive down your costs while still delivering a high level of control and comfort in your customised home environment.

If you have an immediate requirement in any of our service areas, then please get in touch now for an immediate, free, no obligation consultation.