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Lighting & Design

Lighting & Design is an important and developing part of part of our business which we expect to grow in the coming months as more interest is driven by developing and more sophisticated customer requirements.

This work also involves virtual reality in conjunction with lighting design and our highly specialised team has extensive experience in this area.

CAD cannot be ignored of course and we also have expertise in this area which goes hand in hand wi the virtaul reality scenarios.

In addition to the above we also cover:

  • Lighting specialist
  • Design facilities:
    • CAD
    • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Dimming systems
  • Designer support
  • Architect support
  • Lighting consultant support

We have separate professional indemnity cover for our lighting designa and consultancy work.

More Information

We have developed with a UK manufacturer an Intelligent digital system built and developed in the UK.

This system allows dimming to be bespoke with dimming of various lighting sources such as LED, Fluorescent, Low voltage and standard incandescent.

To complement the system, push button wall plates + IR, OLED  wall plates, PIR controls, Programmable relay boards, programmable interface modules, energy monitoring module and a security Home and Away module are all available. Wall plates can be manufactured to match the chosen accessory. 

The system has been developed so that it can be interfaced with other manufacturer’s equipment such as Logitech Harmony allowing the system to be cost effective.

If you have an immediate requirement in any of our service areas, then please get in touch now for an immediate, free, no obligation consultation.